Sunday, March 23, 2014

1962 Ronson CFL II Electric Shaver

Went picking this weekend and scored some neat items. This is a Ronson CFL Mark II shaver from about 1962. I paid $5 for it mainly because of the cool Atomic logo on the box and on the shaver itself. These sold for about $23.00 back in the day. BTW C.F.L stands for Closer, Faster, Lightest Touch. From the 1962 John Plain Catalog:
"New Ronson CFL Mark II. Gives you ultra quick, ultra clean shaves---and tells you when it's done! New "Miracle" multi blade cutters are so keen they amplify whiskers into sound. When the CRACKLING stops and the shaver just HUMS, you know you have a smooth, all day just half the usual time! Has separate trimming edge for sideburns, mustache, and long hairs. Automatically power cleans itself. New blade replacement feature ends need for costly service---YOU snap in inexpensive  replacements in seconds! $23.50"

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