Monday, August 15, 2011

Continental Arts Comma Lamp #2---Wow!

You can see that with the right bulb this thing puts out a super warm glow. Hey, who put that Philco Predicta Siesta in the shot?


Continental Arts Comma Lamps---Wow!

This is one amazing lamp from the Continental Arts lamp company. The shade is shaped like a giant comma and stands over 3 feet tall. I have never seen another like it. Oh, the radio is a Telefunken Sonata in mint working condition.

It's a Giant Comma!

Retro Atomic pulldown light with wall mount

I inherited a pair of these from my Aunt Georgie who passed away in 2007 at the age of 93. She had the best rattan furniture done up in leopard fabric and some Nelson bubble lamps and these babies. Thanks Auntie!

Saucer adjustable lamp

UFO Flying Saucer Lamp

This pull down light fixture is super bithin'. I has a switch to only turn on the down firing cone or the main light or both. Really unique and BIG. It is about 22" in diameter.

UFO lamp lit up.

Amazing triple head ceiling lamp from the 1950's

This lamp hung in my grandparents house for about 45 -50 years. After they passed on I took every light fixture from their house and put them in my house. They make me feel good and put out a nice warm glow.

Amazing Atomic Ceiling Fixture

This is a really neat fixture I picked up at Modernaire in Berkeley. I bout the shade and the finial with no internal workings ie: sockets etc...$6 worth of parts from Orchard Supply and I was in business.

Majestic Z Lamps

I have a pretty decent set of original Majestic Z lamps with original shades and lacing. 

Majestic Z Lamp

Majestic Lamp

This is one of the best Majestic Lamps I have ever seen and I own a pair!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Fair Warning from May 1983 on TV 20 Dance Party

 My Friend Ryan Roxie's Band Fair Warning from May 1983 on TV 20 Dance Party. He Shreds.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Original Doggie Diner hot dog wrapper from the 1960's.

This is a mega rare item that I picked up at an estate sale in Oakland. I couldn't resist! This chain went out of business in the late '80's or early '90's and were based in the San Francisco Bay Area. There were two in Hayward. One was on Hesperian at Lewelling and the other was in downtown Hayward but I don't remember the exact location. Each restaurant had a sign with a giant dachshund head wearing the chef's hat as pictured in the logo art. You can see one of these heads at Streetlight Records located on Bascom Avenue in San Jose .

RCA Atomic style advertising clock from the 1950's

RCA Tubes 1950's advertising clock in incredible atomic retro style. I had been looking for one of these for years and finally found this on eBay. It is about 20 inches in diameter and is made of plastic except for the red portion which is made of metal. This clock keeps perfect time and look great on my wall.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fashions that Follow the Sun News of the Day Newsreel

Here is a nice vintage, fashion newsreel featuring model Joan Kemp called: Fashions that Follow the Sun from 1961. This film features Joan and several other ladies modeling the latest in swimsuits, swim hats and lounge wear from the lounge era. Great stuff from Joan's personal collection.

Budweiser "Pick a Pair" TV Commercial #2 featuring Joan Kemp

Here is the second Budweiser TV spot featuring the late model Joan Kemp. She made several commercials for Budweiser, Vaseline, Max Factor and Salem Cigarettes to name a few.