Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great Pickin' Day at Alameda Point

The day started off great with the purchase of some vintage grocery store posters. The first is a 17"x22" for Hi Lex liquid Bleach "For Snowy White Clothes". Next came a nice 11"x14" poster for Carnation Chocolate Milk and lastly three Dr.Pepper Calendars from 1964, '66 and '67. The '66 and the '67 Feature Donna Loren and are magnificent!

Next I came upon a vintage newspaper from August 9, 1923 that announces the death of President Warren G. Harding in San Francisco. It is the complete front section of the San Francisco Examiner. The condition was a little rough but I have some voodoo I can use to make it look better. BTW what is "apoplexy"?

Next it was off to the housewares department where I snagged not one but two sets of vintage kitchen canisters. One set in teal and the other in red and white. They are in great condition except for a small crack in the blue sugar canister. The Coronet Brandy glass looks normal size it is actually about 12 inches tall and could probably hold a fifth of brandy! Never seen one of these before and love the kitschy cartoon figure. Condition is pristine. Lastly I picked up a vintage guitar clock from the sixties made by the United clock company. I had one of these before but I was made an offer I couldn't refuse!

Finally I spent about 45 minutes going through three boxes of $1 photos. There was some great stuff in there. I purchased 22 8'X10" and a single 11"x14". I love vintage fashion or store display pics. Also like battleships and pretty girls! Who doesn't?

This leotard wearing super spy is doing the karate chop pose complete with Man from U.N.C.L.E. poster in the background. Classic!

Vintage Adele Simpson store display pic from sixties or seventies. Here is some basic info about her:

Nice vintage store display featuring Vogue in the background.

Anybody know where "Confucious" restaurant was?

Nice vintage store display featuring Vogue in the background.

Not sure what this guy is doing. I though it was a radio DJ pic but it all looks fake.

Nice vintage bakery store window display.

This looks like a photo shoot for a decorating magazine or newspaper article. 1950's?

Another great vintage interior shot. This could be inside a department store or it could be someone's home. Not sure but looks pretty neat.

Vintage travel office store window display for British West Indies Airways. They went under in 2006. This is probably from the 1960's.

Bob's Dinners-Cocktails and smorgasboard. Looks great! I want to eat there.

This looks to me like a movie set. I liked to two beauties in the vintage clothes.

Could be Emporium, Capwells or Magnin's at Christmas. The stamp on the back had the old style phone numbers pre area code (GLencourt 2-0501) so it is at least sixties or earlier plus no ZIP code on the address stamp (pre 1964). This was from Oakland photographer Herrington Olson Photography located at 769 22nd Street, Oakland, CA

The Missouri, New Jersey, Iowa or Wisconsin. Any takers?

Great vintage auto pic!
Almost forgot! Grabbed two vintage Mills High School yearbooks from 1965 and '66. I am actually working on a new CD project with several people that graduated on 1966! Small world. And lastly (again...a vintage Premium crackers grandmother Inez always had one of these in her kitchen...brings back such vivid and fond memories).

Food is very emotional thing and the attachment to good and simpler times is hard to fight. Certain things just scream "you have to buy this cause it will make you fell better"! This is one of those things.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

1962 Ronson CFL II Electric Shaver

Went picking this weekend and scored some neat items. This is a Ronson CFL Mark II shaver from about 1962. I paid $5 for it mainly because of the cool Atomic logo on the box and on the shaver itself. These sold for about $23.00 back in the day. BTW C.F.L stands for Closer, Faster, Lightest Touch. From the 1962 John Plain Catalog:
"New Ronson CFL Mark II. Gives you ultra quick, ultra clean shaves---and tells you when it's done! New "Miracle" multi blade cutters are so keen they amplify whiskers into sound. When the CRACKLING stops and the shaver just HUMS, you know you have a smooth, all day just half the usual time! Has separate trimming edge for sideburns, mustache, and long hairs. Automatically power cleans itself. New blade replacement feature ends need for costly service---YOU snap in inexpensive  replacements in seconds! $23.50"