Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things go better with Coke! Advertising Clock

I was really lucky to find this clock. I was shopping in Orange with my wife last month and I stumbled upon this clock. Someone had cut the power cord off and it was missing the bulb so I couldn't test it out. I paid a paltry $45 plus tax and it was mine. When I got it home I wire in a new AC cord and purchased a new bulb and low and behold it started running and the light came on. The only other thing is that it should have a second hand and this one does not. looks great on my kitchen wall. This is why the 7-up clock must go.

7-Up Atomic Style electric wall clock from the 1950's

These clocks are wicked cool and just ooze with fifties atomicness. There was a similar Pepsi clock as well. Just thought I would share this.  These are pretty hard to come by. I found this one at Alameda Point Antique Fair about 2 years ago. Alas, I am selling it on eBay...too many clocks and too little time! I think that was a pun.

The metal is brass and the face is silkscreened Formica. Keeps great time. I hate to give it up.

Nice vintage General Electric "Triple Whip" portable mixer

You don't see one of these every day. I picked this up at a sale in Oakland a few weeks ago and think it is one of the coolest mixers I've ever seen! What is neat about this is that you can take the mixer off the stand and hand held commando with it AND it has THREE beaters!

The GE Portable Mixer in all its' splendor

Even came with the original recipe book and manual

I have never seen a mixer with THREE beaters!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Train Clip circa 1940

Here is a clip extracted from my Golden Gate Expo movie of some trains arriving and departing in either Berkeley or Albany in 1940. I added the train sound effects and the music was added when I had the film transferred to DVD. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today I met Susan Olsen from the Brady Bunch

Darlene and I went to the Time Tunnel "Super Toy" show this morning in San Jose. This is a pretty amazing toy and collectible show that happens 2-3 times per year. I went today because Cindy Brady aka Susan Olsen was making an appearance to sign autographs. We got there at opened at 11 and waited in line for over 30 minutes to get in the door. When we got to the door we realized that not only was Susan Olsen at the show but Richard Kiel aka Jaws from James Bond was also there signing. We met Susan Olsen and she was very nice. All the money from the signing was going to an organization called Paws...they rescue animals. Saw lots of cool toys that brought back a lot of memories. I almost grabbed a Major Matt Mason Space Station in the box but got a hold of myself and didn't buy it.

After the Toy show we got a soda and headed over to Guitar Showcase...nothing there today.

Next we went over to West San Carlos Street and hit the antique stores...I found a Life magazine with The Beatles on the cover for $5 as well as an issue from 1966 all about the discoteque scene in the USA. Also found a copy of The Torch Has Passed about the JFK Assassination and funeral but this copy is special in that it has the dust jacket. I have never seen this book with a just jacket and didn't know it existed. A sweet grab for $5.

This is about all for today..tomorrow's another day on the hunt with Alameda Point and the White Elephant sale. I report later about how I did.  Just found out that Alameda Point has been cancelled due to the rain....shit!