Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Heywood Wakefeld Ashcraft serving cart early fifties

Heywood Wakefeld Ashcraft serving cart early fifties-love the drop leaf design

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Telefunken Radio Collection

Ever since my uncle played me his 1960 Telefunken Allegro radio as a kid I have been enthralled with their look and their sound. I just love these German radios. Here are several of them. I just purchased the 1956 Opus 7 and had it restored. I also have the Gavotte restored as well. Enjoy.

Late 1950's Telefunken Gavotte 7 Export

Rear panel of the Gavotte 7

Detail of the Opus 7 control panel

Love the blond wood on the front grill

1960 Telefunken Opus 7 stereo model.

Early sixties Telefunken Sonata console model

Telefunken extension speaker designed to be wall mounted

The turntable in the Sonata

Love this unit.

My Collection of Japanese Hakata dolls

I have been collecting these for about 20 years now. When I find a nice one at a nice price I usually buy it. Most of these were made after WWII. Soldiers stationed in Japan would bring these home as souvenirs.  Now I have a sweet little collection of them. Enjoy.

The Scribe

Man with Fishing Net


Artist painting a fan

The sculpter