Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm back in the saddle after many months of apathy

Went to Alameda Point last Sunday and came back with some pretty neat stuff. First off I found a great pair of brass wall sconce bullet lamps with teak/rosewood handles and starlight pin holes. They are pretty bitchin'!

Next I found a Blue Chip Stamp Catalog from 1963. It's amazing how much of my shit can be found in these catalogs. That's why I luv 'em so much.

Next came a really nice set of Silvestri Bros. Chalkware Asian boudoir lamps with white Venetian metal lampshades. They so cute! They are marked Silvestri Bros.1960.

 Last, came a book called "San Francisco, A Pageant" written in 1933. This is a first edition, first printing signed by both the author and the illustrator. It is a gorgeous book about the history of San Francisco in a narrative format.I will post some pictures as soon as I take 'em, maybe this weekend. That's it for now.

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